Bread? It's All About The Chaffle!


The number one thing I hear people complaining over when we talk Keto is the lack of bread.  Trust me when I say you won't miss bread when you try a Chaffle.  What the heck is a Chaffle?  In the most simplistic terms it's a cheese waffle, but trust me, that's not ALL it is!  With all the incredible recipes out there today, you can turn it into bread for sandwiches, dessert waffles, a great breakfast, and so much more.  These are also SUPER family friendly.  Have you ever seen a kid turn down a waffle?  Me either!  I'm about to BLOW YOUR MIND with how versatile Chaffle's can be!  Outside of ingredients for each of these recipes, all you need is a Dash Waffle maker, and some non-stick spray!

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