How I Start My Day with Keto


I admit it, mornings aren't my favorite time.  I want something quick and easy, and of course healthy.  The SlimFast Keto shakes, have given me that, and I rarely start any day without one.  You're supposed to mix them with water, but I have to be extra, so I mix them with unsweetened almond milk instead.  To me, they taste better this way, and I stay fuller longer.  My favorite variety?  Vanilla Cake Batter.  It's like an early morning treat and hey, I want to be pampered a bit.  So let's take a dive down and see what's in this shake that has taken over my life.

That's a ton of vitamins, and as you can see not that many calories for a breakfast plan.  The unsweetened almond milk will add another 30 calories, and 1 carb, but to me, it's worth it.   Yes, you can drink it without almond milk.  Just because I prefer it that way, doesn't mean you will.  This can be picked up at Walmart, which makes it super convenient for me since I order groceries online.  It tastes great and does what it's supposed to, keeps me full.  There are tons of shakes out there, and I will probably try others, but this has worked well for the last five and a half weeks for me.

You can also pick this up on Amazon and it ships free with Prime.

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